Homegrown Creatives is a platform promoting all that is South African. A brand that generates digital content promoting local businesses, local brands, entertainers and local humor. We are introducing South Africans to local businesses that they might not have been aware of. We share the work of talented South Africans and assist to get them seen and heard. Our goal is to elevate South Africa towards its full potential and it starts with us paying it forward by supporting our local businesses and helping those in need. Be a part of our journey as we work towards a better South Africa.

Our online store is set up to support local business by purchasing all our material and consumables from local manufacturers and suppliers. As part of our contribution in the fight to alleviate poverty, we have partnered with The Lungile Mtshotwana Foundation. With your support we’re able to contribute to the foundation and help them reach more people with every donation..

Our digital team conceptualizes content shared across our entire social media platform promoting local businesses, local brands and South African talent. If your business or your talent is in much need of some exposure, please register online with us and we will do our part to help you or your business. We’ll get you trending!

Change starts with you, so just be lekker and join us on this journey and contribute to a better South Africa!
Economically, socially and spiritually.


Support Local

It is our drive and mission to only support local and we encourage the rest of South Africa to do the same. Let’s get South Africa up to where she is supposed to be and realize her full potential and it starts with her people. Our digital platform is set up to promote local business and talent in South Africa.

Ploughing back into impoverished communities

We’ve partnered with the Lungile Mtshotwana Foundation and with your support through every item purchased online contributes to the foundation which allows them to reach more people in the fight to alleviate poverty in South Africa.

Endorsing being South African

South Africa is rich in diversity with so many cultures and indeed is a rainbow nation! Which is part of why we live in such a beautiful country and we should celebrate that and be proudly South African. We live in the best country in the world and its time we show it. Join us in being proudly South African and celebrate our diverse cultures

Quality Over Quantity

We’re not in the business of low-cost materials resulting in a higher sales volume. By supporting our vision, we give you premium, trendy quality and value for your money.

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